Chinas Best Ski Resorts for Winter Weeks

China is seen as the country of the Great Wall and panda bears, but few people know that China is among the best destinations for an amazing ski trip. Apart from those who know the country for ages, as the foreign communities of Australians, Americans and British people, the rest of the travelers don’t even think about the possibility to go skiing in China. Still…this country offers beautiful scenery and perfect slopes for those who are brave enough to go that far.

Here are five ski resorts which are sure to meet even the highest demands in comfort and good taste.

Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuliis the biggest ski resort in China as size is concerned. Located in NE China, the slopes are available from the middle of November until late March. Slopes are best for experienced skiers and have various sizes, as low as 200m and as high as 1200m, with an average drop of 700m.

Travelling Belgium – Information on Belgium Tour

Travelling in Belgium can be a story in itself. It is believed that the Belgian motorway system is the only man-made structure visible from the moon at night due to the lights all along the network. During your stay, the trams will prove to be an economical mode of transport.

Belgium is a country that is surrounded by France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. It has a compact size which makes it thperfect country to travel. Todays “Belgium” was part of the Spanish (1501-1713) Austrian (1713-1790) and French (1790-1815) Empires.

Even though Belgium is smaller than many other countries you can visit, it is filled with activities, restaurants, and much more. Getting from place to another is easy for travellers in Belgium because the towns are close together. There are trains and buses that will take you where you want to go. Whether it is Antwerp to see one of the largest collections of diamonds, or to Ghent to visit botanical gardens and visit castles. Brussels, the capital of Belgium is another fascinating city you should visit when you are travelling.

Handy Tips for First Time China Traveler

If you are busy planning a trip to China for your next holiday and this is your first time to the oriental land, then here are 5 handy tips that will make your trip more enjoyable.

1. Handle the Language Barrier

The first and foremost challenge that you will need to address when in China is the language. Everyone here speaks Chinese and very little of any other language let alone English. There are simple solutions to this universal problem. Our first tip would be to buy a basic book of Mandarin to carry along. This book should essentially have the basic Chinese phrases translated into English. The next thing to do is to try and memorize a few of these phrases and words. Finally, download translator apps that are available for free on Google and other reliable sources.

Exploring Bhutan – Hidden kingdoms in The Himalayas

Bhutan is a small beautiful country. The people are friendly, good fresh food, clean air and not so crowded.

Bhutan is the last of the small, hidden kingdoms in the Himalayas to unlock the doors to its mysteries. The Land of the Thunder Dragon has maintained its integrity and independence throughout the centuries, repelling invasions from the strongholds of its fortified monasteries, or “dzongs”. Bhutan’s 18,000 square miles are almost entirely mountainous, with snow peaks towering to nearly 25,000 feet along the northern border.

Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan and the largest city. But still you can finish seeing it in couple of days. Paro is the second largest city and mostly famous for The International Airport.

Lyon, France Tourism – Food, Culture and Family

Lyon – A city of east-central France at the confluence of the Rhone and Saône rivers north of Marseille. Founded in 43 B.C. as a Roman colony, it was the principal city of Gaul and an important religious center after the introduction of Christianity. Its silk industry dates to the 15th century.

Yet for years, Lyon was largely overlooked apart from the cuisine, seen mostly as a thoroughfare for those on their way further south. This is no longer true. Lyon has significantly broadened its already substantial cultural fare of late. There are absorbing, intelligently planned recent museums, adding to a raft of well-established ones, and a striking opera house and ballet venue: the city certainly has no shortage of ways to engage visitors in between meals. It is also accessible, just a couple of hours from Paris by high-speed TGV train, and less than two hours flight from London.

Philippines and Around Manila – Experience Tourist Attractions

 Is the city on the shore of Manila Bay has a history of the half Millennium, Manila became exciting attractions with historic district in Manila, where high walls Intramurous, the Church and the Museum of San Agustin, was designated by Unesco as a world heritage site with a collection of religious artifacts and art quite unique. 

Around Manila has countless museums, historical sites and beautiful art work, meets between classic and modern. Cultural Center, Manila. Also save ancient traces, Bohol is also known for various historical and cultural landmarks and festivities.

May is the month Merry Month with festivals and series of exciting activities in this beautiful island. This is also where the diverse ecosystems, where visitors can climb, explore the Woods and camping, experience adventures with wild animals.

Cultural and Sightseeing Tours – Indonesia

Indonesia 1

Indonesia, a stunning country of breath taking landscapes, diverse cultures and hospitable locals. Comprised of an astounding 17,500 islands and stretching from the northern tip of Sumatra to the undiscovered wilds of New Guinea, any visitor to this exotic destination will be compelled to delve deeper and explore further into this unique island archipelago.

About Red Apple Festival of South Korea

 Apple Festival in South Korea is considered to be one of the first Festival of the series held by the people of that country. 

Every year from October to December, after the harvest of apples in regular military Song Festival Choeng apples to thank become the land of bumper crop in the past year.

At the Festival, the people held a few incredibly exciting competitions such as who is the fastest eating applesApple Peel, fastest or who eat plenty of apples

Moreover, during the Festival are also private places for tourists to visit and photograph the landscape was built using

Visitors to the Festival never leave empty-handed, they usually buy fresh apples right at festivals with inexpensive after bringing the city or buy the finished products made from Apple juice as cider, Apple Pie, or even perfume perfume

Through the Apple Festival, the inhabitants of Choeng Song very proud tradition of growing the family’s longtime Apple also needs a special Apple types they produce

At the Apple farm in Choeng Song, farmers hardly used to to insecticides and other chemical additives

On this day, students in Choeng Song routine of traditional dancing in the red uniforms with a blue belt tied around the hips, the color of the uniforms is to symbolize the color of Apple’s famous chin Choeng

County of Chong Seong ranked third in the region in terms of annual supply Apple output

Apple here is famous not only because of its refreshing sweet taste but also because of the reputation of rational farming customs, environmental friendliness of the people here

Vietnam Cultural and Sightseeing Tour

Vietnam has thrived since its reunification and is growing steadily, slowly finding its feet over the last 30 years after a turbulent period in the country’s history. Relics of the country’s War of Independence with former occupying nation France and the USA can be found throughout the country in various museums and monuments.


A country of farmers, Vietnam has been a predominantly agricultural society throughout history, with locals living a simple life that holds fascination for many Westerners today. Although the country is growing in various other industries and is ahead of neighbours Laos and Cambodia, outside the major cities Vietnam still operates in a fascinating old-world bubble of unchanged culture and charm.

Krabi Destinations in Southern Thailand

Located on the West coast of the peninsula of southern Thailand, Krabi has sunny beaches, clear blue waters, fine sand and the Rocky Islands left off. Mangroves and tropical greenery, the rivers and streams of hot water makes you always “busy” with activities during the stay at the Krabi. Out on the Andaman Sea. Boat trip takes you wave turn across several seams of limestone of the small island is shaped like the eggs float on the ocean.

There are many cliffs for beginners playing with safety hook positioning available on the surface of the chalk. Kayaking on the River to Bay Ghosts. One way to explore North of Krabi is used kayak paddle to caves and down the boat along the rivers in the national parks Than Bok. This is one of the first places in Thailand that people living there is still remain the primary archaeological treasures is the rudimentary painting in the cave.

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