Chinas Best Ski Resorts for Winter Weeks

China is seen as the country of the Great Wall and panda bears, but few people know that China is among the best destinations for an amazing ski trip. Apart from those who know the country for ages, as the foreign communities of Australians, Americans and British people, the rest of the travelers don’t even think about the possibility to go skiing in China. Still…this country offers beautiful scenery and perfect slopes for those who are brave enough to go that far.

Here are five ski resorts which are sure to meet even the highest demands in comfort and good taste.

Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuliis the biggest ski resort in China as size is concerned. Located in NE China, the slopes are available from the middle of November until late March. Slopes are best for experienced skiers and have various sizes, as low as 200m and as high as 1200m, with an average drop of 700m.

Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort

This cosmopolite resort offers a unique view of the Great Wall, which is present all around it. Placed in the natural scenic area of Jiugukou Pass, the resort is an hour away from the city of Beijing.

It is in full season from December to March and it features four lifts and six trails, being a good place to learn skiing, if you are a beginner.

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort

This is the largest resort to be found in the vicinity of Beijing, at 62 km away from the cosmopolitan city. The season with best snow starts in mid December and ends in March, offering both beginners and pros the chance to put their skills to the test. The resort has available ten trails for ski and snowboarding.

Xiling Ski Resort

China’s best offer in the area of alpine ski resorts is located in the SW Sichuan Province in China,onXiling Snow Mountain, at a distance of 120 km from Chengdu.

This is the largest alpine ski resort in the country. Like for the other resorts, full season starts in mid December and ends in March. The tall mountain with a height of above 5000m, the resort has trails of seven up to ten kilometers long, suitable for all kind of skiers.

Alshan Ski Resort

This is the place to feel the windsof wild Mongolia on your face. Located at the border between Inner Mongolia and China, Alshan is a three, maybe four hours long trip from Ulanhot, either by bus or by train.

It offers a long season for passionate skiers from November to April. On the slopes you can meet both experienced skiers and beginners.

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