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Indonesia, a stunning country of breath taking landscapes, diverse cultures and hospitable locals. Comprised of an astounding 17,500 islands and stretching from the northern tip of Sumatra to the undiscovered wilds of New Guinea, any visitor to this exotic destination will be compelled to delve deeper and explore further into this unique island archipelago.

Bali is the most well-known island destination, and rightly so, ideal for a taste of Indonesian hospitality, to sample and to be introduced to the diversity of cultures. But be warned. Any taste of Indonesia will leave you captivated.

On every island there is a unique travel experience waiting just for you.


From the ancient temples and contemporary traditions at Yogyakarta and Borobudur on Java, to the barren landscapes of Mt Bromo. The green rice terraces of Ubud in Bali and the tropical islands of Gili in Lombok to the tribes of Sulawesi, the country of Indonesia is packed with surprises at every turn.

The unrivaled local knowledge of our Indonesian based travel experts will give you the best advice on where to visit for your Indonesia vacation. Every island is unique, just like each of our travelers. From luxury beach stays to heart pumping activities such as cycling through rural country villages or trekking to the summit of active volcanoes. If you want to learn about the local culture and visit ancient temples or follow your taste buds on a culinary discovery, Backyard Travel is your Indonesia tour specialist. We cater for families, foodies and fun loving individuals all in search of their perfect travel experience.


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