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Travelling Belgium – Information on Belgium Tour

Travelling in Belgium can be a story in itself. It is believed that the Belgian motorway system is the only man-made structure visible from the moon at night due to the lights all along the network. During your stay, the trams will prove to be an economical mode of transport. Belgium is a country that […]

Handy Tips for First Time China Traveler

If you are busy planning a trip to China for your next holiday and this is your first time to the oriental land, then here are 5 handy tips that will make your trip more enjoyable. 1. Handle the Language Barrier The first and foremost challenge that you will need to address when in China [&hellip

Exploring Bhutan – Hidden kingdoms in The Himalayas

Bhutan is a small beautiful country. The people are friendly, good fresh food, clean air and not so crowded. Bhutan is the last of the small, hidden kingdoms in the Himalayas to unlock the doors to its mysteries. The Land of the Thunder Dragon has maintained its integrity and independence throughout the centuries, repelling invasions […]

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