Exploring Bhutan – Hidden kingdoms in The Himalayas

Bhutan is a small beautiful country. The people are friendly, good fresh food, clean air and not so crowded.

Bhutan is the last of the small, hidden kingdoms in the Himalayas to unlock the doors to its mysteries. The Land of the Thunder Dragon has maintained its integrity and independence throughout the centuries, repelling invasions from the strongholds of its fortified monasteries, or “dzongs”. Bhutan’s 18,000 square miles are almost entirely mountainous, with snow peaks towering to nearly 25,000 feet along the northern border.

Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan and the largest city. But still you can finish seeing it in couple of days. Paro is the second largest city and mostly famous for The International Airport.

Bhutan is not the place if someone is looking for sightseeing and night life. But is a GREAT place if you just want to relax, take a nice walk, meet very friendly people and have serenity all along. The streets are not crowded at all and not many tourists to bump into.

The flora and fauna of Bhutan represents the most unspoiled example in the world today of the fast-disappearing Himalayan ecology. Brilliantly colored birds and butterflies are everywhere, along with endless species of flowers, whole mountain slopes covered with tree-size rhododendrons, and some of the rarest species in the Himalayas.

Bhutan is a remote, mysterious, exhilarating place to visit. It is the most unspoiled, beautiful, powerfully traditional country in the Himalayas, and possibly on earth. Its allure has attracted visitors from far away places since the 17th century. Its pure and genuine cultural heritage is a priceless jewel. It has one foot in the past and one in the future.

You don’t need to carry much things for your trip to Bhutan other than your own medications. You can go to the weekend market in Thimphu for real bargain on warm stuffs like Blankets, Jackets etc. DO NOT buy shoes from there. Although it will look tempting because of the color, design and most importantly the price. But not good quality. I don’t recommend.

There are lots of do’s and dont’s while in Bhutan and traveling there can sometimes become a real drag. The country of course is breathtakingly beautiful. The government there stipulates the minimum average spend per visitor and you’ll have to shell out that amount, regardless of anything else. Cigarettes and tobacco products are levied heavy import duties.

There are also some restrictions on photography and shooting videos etc.

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