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Interesting things in Taiwan for Tourists

Xiaolongbao ( aka sub dumplings ) are favorite food dish originating from Shanghai. However, Taiwan is going to dominate the market dumplings. Traditional dumplings are popular in many parts of the world. Guests Europe, U.S. To Taiwan when both said they enjoyed the dumplings.

 8. Hello Kitty 

Many visitors said they came to Taiwan before the museum thought related to Chinese history will be the most wide open in Beijing or Shanghai. However, the answer to belong to Taiwan. It contains collections of antiques, jewels China the world’s largest, stretching over 8,000 years. Guests will have the opportunity to look back at the history of each dynasty China through artifacts, admire the paintings from the Tang Dynasty, rare books or texts from the Song Dynasty from Qing Dynasty…

 3. Internet 

Drinks here are a specialty teas containing snake blood. According to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, approximately 70% of tourists come here to visit the night market to enjoy food and hire purchase agreements. Three night market in Taiwan attracts many visitors in 2013 based on the number of “check -in ” on Facebook as Tainan night flower market, and Feng Chia Luodong market.
The night market in Taiwan is quite crowded.

Baseball is the most popular sport in Taiwan, is regarded as the sport of kings. This small island is the place holds many honors champion Little League Baseball World Series with a total of 17 award. This number is almost double the resolution compared with Japanese runners.

 1. Night Market 

 6. Baseball 

 9. Dumplings 

Taiwan certainly can not beat India in making the dish vegetarian, but it makes the whole world to respect for the slaughter of their authors. The fake meat is made from soy or wheat. This dish is also pleasing diners are in diet.

In Taiwan, the decoration in restaurants, cafes and visitor attraction. Page CNN said, many travelers are impressed with the restaurant decorated in a particular theme. For example, the coffee shop is inspired by Hello Kity cats, all dishes, cups here has the shape of cats. At another restaurant to retrieve themed Barbie dolls, elsewhere it is inspired hospitals, prisons… With the different styles that the Taiwanese restaurant in eye-catching decoration and leave an impression for tourists.

Dumplings, Hello Kitty or night market is one of the interesting points that Taiwan does not have tourist attractions are also competitive.

 4. National Museum 

This adorable cat is not only present in the restaurant, but also appeared on a beer label and Eva Airways airline fuselage. Grand Hi – Lai Hotel offers to the guests the room is decorated with Hello Kitty icon.

 2. Restaurant 

 7. Health care system 

Taiwan is one where the health care system the best people in the world. People here mostly buy insurance and take care of the situation when cured at the hospital.

Taiwan Island is one of the many night markets in the world with abundant food and a lot of visitors rated ” excellent tasty “. One of the famous dishes at the night market is fried chicken breast, tofu and rotten meat skewer.

Dish ‘ Mock – meat ‘, fake meat popular in Taiwan.

People are also very popular Hello Kitty.

Dumplings are one of the specialties of Taiwan. ( Asia travel blog )

 5. Meat 

Since 2011, Taiwan residents began using the free Wi-Fi. This is also where the world’s first free Wifi served on a large scale. May 6.2013, visitors can use free Wi-Fi service at 4 on 5 biggest cities of Taiwan is Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung and Tainan with more than 4,400 hotspot. What visitors need to use your passport is registered in Taiwan Tourism Bureau account Internet access throughout the island for $ 0 co.

In Taiwan, there are more than 6,000 restaurants, cafes serving rich vegetarian menu to meet the needs of 10 % of the population of the island abstinence.

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