Shopping in Singapore

If there is anything that Singapore is famous for, then it is the local malls, shopping districts, and stores. Shopping in Singapore is indeed a favorite pastime of many an expat and socialite. No matter if you are looking for the finest couture or for affordable vintage clothing, shopping in Singapore is a unique experience.

Everywhere you turn, there’s a deal on the latest handphone, laptop, plasma screen or TV. And from May through July, the Great Singapore Sale sees some shops slashing prices by up to 70 percent.

Interesting things in Taiwan for Tourists

Interesting things in Taiwan for Tourists

According to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, approximately 70% of tourists come here to visit the night market to enjoy food and hire purchase agreements. Three night market in Taiwan attracts many visitors in 2013 based on the number of “check -in ” on Facebook as Tainan night flower market, and Feng Chia Luodong market.

The night market in Taiwan is quite crowded.

Visiting Vienna – Music and Cultural Tour

Austria is one of Europe’s most well-known tourist destinations due to its historic cities, magnificent mountain panoramas and superior ski resorts.

Austria’s musical heritage draws each year thousands of music lovers from all around the world. Austria hosts a great range of music festivals, for all tastes and ages. The cinematic culture of Austria should not be ignored. A curious tourist might uncover great things about the Austrian cinema.

Vienna is one of the largest city of Austria – it also serves as the country’s cultural center, showcasing some of Europe’s finest art and classical music. Vienna is in the east of the country of the river Dnaube. It is also an administrative district. Many old buildings, churches and museums are there in this city. In Vienna , Classical music and opera are very famous.

Fun Holidays – Traveling to Finland

Finland – A country of extreme contrasts; icy winters and golden summers, and vibrant cosmopolitan cities mixed with vast areas of remote wilderness.

Being located at the Arctic Circle, the winters are quite long and snowy while the summer days come for a brief period say two and half months or more wherein the sun simply does not set. Both the winter and the summer seasons in Finland have an idyllic charm of their own with a special set of adventures and activities to enjoy. On wintertime the best bet is Lapland, where one can experience the snow, northern lights, Santa Claus’ home and reindeers. In the summertime then the cities such as Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Oulu are all at their liveliest, though if you want to see the Midsummer’s Night (the Sun not setting for some time) then Lapland is once again the best place to go.

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