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Chinas Best Ski Resorts for Winter Weeks

China is seen as the country of the Great Wall and panda bears, but few people know that China is among the best destinations for an amazing ski trip. Apart from those who know the country for ages, as the foreign communities of Australians, Americans and British people, the rest of the travelers don’t even [&hellip

Handy Tips for First Time China Traveler

If you are busy planning a trip to China for your next holiday and this is your first time to the oriental land, then here are 5 handy tips that will make your trip more enjoyable. 1. Handle the Language Barrier The first and foremost challenge that you will need to address when in China [&hellip

Exploring Bhutan – Hidden kingdoms in The Himalayas

Bhutan is a small beautiful country. The people are friendly, good fresh food, clean air and not so crowded. Bhutan is the last of the small, hidden kingdoms in the Himalayas to unlock the doors to its mysteries. The Land of the Thunder Dragon has maintained its integrity and independence throughout the centuries, repelling invasions […]

Philippines and Around Manila – Experience Tourist Attractions

 Is the city on the shore of Manila Bay has a history of the half Millennium, Manila became exciting attractions with historic district in Manila, where high walls Intramurous, the Church and the Museum of San Agustin, was designated by Unesco as a world heritage site with a collection of religious artifacts and art quite unique. 

( Asia travel blog ) Around Manila has countless museums, historical sites and beautiful art work, meets between classic and modern. Cultural Center, Manila. Also save ancient traces, Bohol is also known for various historical and cultural landmarks and festivities.

May is the month Merry Month with festivals and series of exciting activities in this beautiful island. This is also where the diverse ecosystems, where visitors can climb, explore the Woods and camping, experience adventures with wild animals.

Boracay is popular in the Philippines is surrounded by many nearby beaches with many options available for visitors from the budget motels to luxury resorts.

Boracay was also chosen as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches with the blue waters and sandy beaches finely-perfect place to expose yourself in the sand or taking the active sports such as swimming, scuba diving, cano, paragliding.

The Boracay. To the southern Philippines, Cebu is an attractive travel destination by the blend of historical relics, untouched nature and the modern city; where is the icon of Magellan’s Cross-symbolizes the arrival of Catholicism in the Philippines.

Besides, the attractive location of Cebu can tell it is the Case Corordo, the residence of Juan Dorordo-the Philippines as Bishop in Cebu, University of San Carlos-the first University to retain many ancient artifacts or the Museum Museo Sugbo surrounded by coral rock walls also the interesting sights.

Magellan’s Cross-Where to mark the Explorer Magellan planted the cross first. A tourist can’t help mentioning that Palawan is famous around the world by the same small flat white sand island he stinks.

The tours are designed logically take guests to visit the many beautiful islands, enjoy the beauty of nature and engage in activities in the sea.

In addition, you can visit the underground river is located in Puerto Princesa National Park is recognized as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, a special imprint of tourism Philippines Puerto Princesa subterranean River. The Philippines, you will enjoy the typical of this island nation’s culinary as Adobo (pork and vinegar store), sigigang (sour soup), sechon (heo quay) with many dishes prepared with abundant seafood resources.

Guests who love shopping will be spoilt for choice the favorite in the third largest shopping centre in the world SM Mall of Asia, the Trade Center or the markets filled with items and many local souvenirs.

In the evenings you can enjoy the vibrant performance of the Filipino band which proved to be international friends love.

Cultural and Sightseeing Tours – Indonesia

Indonesia, a stunning country of breath taking landscapes, diverse cultures and hospitable locals. Comprised of an astounding 17,500 islands and stretching from the northern tip of Sumatra to the undiscovered wilds of New Guinea, any visitor to this exotic destination…

About Red Apple Festival of South Korea

 Apple Festival in South Korea is considered to be one of the first Festival of the series held by the people of that country. 

Every year from October to December, after the harvest of apples in regular military Song Festival Choeng apples to thank become the land of bumper crop in the past year.

County of Chong Seong ranked third in the region in terms of annual supply Apple output

Apple here is famous not only because of its refreshing sweet taste but also because of the reputation of rational farming customs, environmental friendliness of the people here

At the Apple farm in Choeng Song, farmers hardly used to to insecticides and other chemical additives

On this day, students in Choeng Song routine of traditional dancing in the red uniforms with a blue belt tied around the hips, the color of the uniforms is to symbolize the color of Apple’s famous chin Choeng

At the Festival, the people held a few incredibly exciting competitions such as who is the fastest eating applesApple Peel, fastest or who eat plenty of apples

Moreover, during the Festival are also private places for tourists to visit and photograph the landscape was built using


Through the Apple Festival, the inhabitants of Choeng Song very proud tradition of growing the family’s longtime Apple also needs a special Apple types they produce

Visitors to the Festival never leave empty-handed, they usually buy fresh apples right at festivals with inexpensive after bringing the city or buy the finished products made from Apple juice as cider, Apple Pie, or even perfume perfume


Vietnam Cultural and Sightseeing Tour

Vietnam is an outstanding travel destination that offers a veritable bounty of delights and fascinating sites combined with a unique history the resilient country wears proudly on its sleeve. Our inside knowledge of the cities and towns across the country…

Krabi Destinations in Southern Thailand

Attractive seafood restaurant at Baan Ma-Yhing is a local fishing village

Tuition for a 1,000 baht (700,000 dollars). Explore the history of the area. Guests who love history can look to Wat Khlong Thom, the temple was again just as the Museum, which displays many artifacts from the stone age to the bronze age. The labour, on the cave, pottery, especially the 5,000 year old beads bring vivid glimpse of Krabi so far beyond childhood.

Located on the West coast of the peninsula of southern Thailand, Krabi has sunny beaches, clear blue waters, fine sand and the Rocky Islands left off. Mangroves and tropical greenery, the rivers and streams of hot water makes you always “busy” with activities during the stay at the Krabi. Out on the Andaman Sea. Boat trip takes you wave turn across several seams of limestone of the small island is shaped like the eggs float on the ocean.

You kayaking down the river weave the green of the Park Than Bok. Lunch outside of the island to Krabi you shouldn’t ignore enjoy native cuisines of the region such as kaeng som (sour fish curry) and nam phrik kung sot (breaded shrimp deep fried peppers).

Cooking school culinary. Never boring subject with travelers move, especially if you are someone who likes to eat Thai. You want to learn how to prepare homemade lab kai (salad with chicken and mint leaves), pad thai (Thai Fried noodles) or the massaman curry (massaman Curry), a cooking school, Ya is very appropriate.

A play of green water algae on turquoise, you will see the impressive coral reefs and hundreds of species of fish and colorful Malpes overstating or Fiji. The islands off Krabi is always associated with smooth sand, crystal-clear sea and sky blue chasms. Take a dip in the hot waterfall Nam Tok Ron. Nam Tok Ron is one of the picturesque hot spring in Krabi, this was an outdoor spa with natural stone pools filled with water at temperatures about 40 degrees centigrade hot springs and waterfalls Nam Tok Ron Krabi City Centre is located just 45 miles, suitable for day trips one or half a day.

Tickets for 90 baht (about 60,000 US dollars). Swimming in the Lake at Emerald of Sa Morakot. Tropical forests in buildings only lowland in Thailand is located in the biosphere reserve, Khao Pra Bang Khram and also the most biodiversity areas in southern Thailand is located deep in the jungle foliage as Sa Morakot Emerald pool amid greenery. After trekking on the dedicated reserves, you can comfortably relax muscles in the outdoor swimming pool with water temperature around 30 degrees C.

Shopping in the local market. There are quite a number of indigenous market on board meeting minutes 2-night bazaar and quite popular with the rustic meal in the evening.

Admission price is 200 baht (140,000 US dollars) for adults, and 100 baht (70,000 dollars) for children.

Large lake bed interlaced small waterfalls are very suitable for young children and families to have fun

Ban Bo Thor (Big-Headed Balloons Cave) is a limestone cave with impressive stalagmites and bells. On the walls up to the ceiling to hang the picture painted on animals and humans from the ancient with the yellow, red, black and Brown dating back up to 3,000 years.

Climbing. Around Krabi Center is the limestone mountains in particular lies along the coast as the magnets, attracting a lot of the mountaineers from around the world to the test. The main climbing spots mainly focused in Ton Sai, Railay and Phra Nang, where towering limestone walls yield to angle of view can not more beautiful in the Andaman sea off the remote.

There are many cliffs for beginners playing with safety hook positioning available on the surface of the chalk. Kayaking on the River to Bay Ghosts. One way to explore North of Krabi is used kayak paddle to caves and down the boat along the rivers in the national parks Than Bok. This is one of the first places in Thailand that people living there is still remain the primary archaeological treasures is the rudimentary painting in the cave.

A peaceful island Koh Klang is located right in the mouth of the river is home to the Muslim population, and Baan Ma-Yhing is where you can experience the culinary culture quite fully Krabi. After lunch you continue to sail back to shore and then jump onto the tuk tuks which to walk a round through the streets, visit the shops selling paintings batik or the gift shop.

The night market is also where you enjoy snacks like tea, cakes, fruit. Next to shops selling clothes and souvenirs, you can bring about the artwork, jewelry and musical instruments of the natives.

But now the city is located on the Andaman coast opposite entitled Krabi has emerged as a new address for those who intend to choose Thai as a health resort. Don’t miss it in yourThailand tour.

Visit WAT Tum Sua. 1,250 ladder to get to the temple Wat Tum Sua, where the Golden Buddha at an altitude of 278 m at the Summit. After the Buddhist ceremony or temple or, you can spend serene moments for spot on four sides.

Phuket, the largest island in Thailand, which is one of the destinations on the “land of smiles”.

Much of the traditional long boats of Krabi will take you to the near Koh Poda and Chicken Island, an island with a pan of chicken stock but the narrow land connecting the body and head.

Shopping in Singapore

Tang building was demolished in 1982It was replaced by building Tang Plaza. This Department is TANGS, Singapore Marriott hotel is like now. Blue Dome of the building still reminds to the former Department store, that this day is often known as TANGS.

But in the 1850s, the cultivation must make room for residential and the city quickly became a gathering place of temples, monasteries and Jews, Buddhists, the vendors, markets, etc. Around the corner from Orchard Road. Sign of the trade on the streets first appeared when Singapore’s first supermarket, Cold Storage, founded in 1903, which is now The Centerpoint.

You can choose from high end luxury brands, the upscale restaurant to the poolside pavement. Enlarge. Or Orchard Central to shops. Orchard Road is a shopping paradise for Singaporeans and tourists in Asia in General. “here, you can visit the hotel, renowned shopping areas such as Knightsbridge, ION Orchard, Orchard Central, H&M Orchard Road, as well as experience the vibrant life of one of the most dynamic countries in the world.

In the 1830s, the city was just a contour of an unnamed country specializes in growing fruit trees, cultivated nutmeg and pepper farms.

With the advent of the cinema, bowling alley turned it into a leading entertainment centre. Plaza Singapura is a multi-storey shopping centre, built in 1974, gradually, many major shopping district came into existence this city makes you more crowded. With a length of 22 km, Orchard Road is brilliant with the luxury shopping center, restaurants and a luxury hotel. This shopping street for 800. 00 m2 visitors to shopping, eating and entertainment depending on the needs and budgets of each person.

Zoom in. You can choose the ION Orchard. Until the 1970s, Orchard Road has replaced High Street to become the city’s main shopping street.

First department stores of the city came into existence in 1958, from a local merchant, C. K. Tang. When C. K

 Asia travel blog 

Shopping paradise of the island Kingdom of Lions is the city of Orchard Road with lots of glittering malls tempting their visitors

Interesting things in Taiwan for Tourists

Xiaolongbao ( aka sub dumplings ) are favorite food dish originating from Shanghai. However, Taiwan is going to dominate the market dumplings. Traditional dumplings are popular in many parts of the world. Guests Europe, U.S. To Taiwan when both said they enjoyed the dumplings.

 8. Hello Kitty 

Many visitors said they came to Taiwan before the museum thought related to Chinese history will be the most wide open in Beijing or Shanghai. However, the answer to belong to Taiwan. It contains collections of antiques, jewels China the world’s largest, stretching over 8,000 years. Guests will have the opportunity to look back at the history of each dynasty China through artifacts, admire the paintings from the Tang Dynasty, rare books or texts from the Song Dynasty from Qing Dynasty…

 3. Internet 

Drinks here are a specialty teas containing snake blood. According to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, approximately 70% of tourists come here to visit the night market to enjoy food and hire purchase agreements. Three night market in Taiwan attracts many visitors in 2013 based on the number of “check -in ” on Facebook as Tainan night flower market, and Feng Chia Luodong market.
The night market in Taiwan is quite crowded.

Baseball is the most popular sport in Taiwan, is regarded as the sport of kings. This small island is the place holds many honors champion Little League Baseball World Series with a total of 17 award. This number is almost double the resolution compared with Japanese runners.

 1. Night Market 

 6. Baseball 

 9. Dumplings 

Taiwan certainly can not beat India in making the dish vegetarian, but it makes the whole world to respect for the slaughter of their authors. The fake meat is made from soy or wheat. This dish is also pleasing diners are in diet.

In Taiwan, the decoration in restaurants, cafes and visitor attraction. Page CNN said, many travelers are impressed with the restaurant decorated in a particular theme. For example, the coffee shop is inspired by Hello Kity cats, all dishes, cups here has the shape of cats. At another restaurant to retrieve themed Barbie dolls, elsewhere it is inspired hospitals, prisons… With the different styles that the Taiwanese restaurant in eye-catching decoration and leave an impression for tourists.

Dumplings, Hello Kitty or night market is one of the interesting points that Taiwan does not have tourist attractions are also competitive.

 4. National Museum 

This adorable cat is not only present in the restaurant, but also appeared on a beer label and Eva Airways airline fuselage. Grand Hi – Lai Hotel offers to the guests the room is decorated with Hello Kitty icon.

 2. Restaurant 

 7. Health care system 

Taiwan is one where the health care system the best people in the world. People here mostly buy insurance and take care of the situation when cured at the hospital.

Taiwan Island is one of the many night markets in the world with abundant food and a lot of visitors rated ” excellent tasty “. One of the famous dishes at the night market is fried chicken breast, tofu and rotten meat skewer.

Dish ‘ Mock – meat ‘, fake meat popular in Taiwan.

People are also very popular Hello Kitty.

Dumplings are one of the specialties of Taiwan. ( Asia travel blog )

 5. Meat 

Since 2011, Taiwan residents began using the free Wi-Fi. This is also where the world’s first free Wifi served on a large scale. May 6.2013, visitors can use free Wi-Fi service at 4 on 5 biggest cities of Taiwan is Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung and Tainan with more than 4,400 hotspot. What visitors need to use your passport is registered in Taiwan Tourism Bureau account Internet access throughout the island for $ 0 co.

In Taiwan, there are more than 6,000 restaurants, cafes serving rich vegetarian menu to meet the needs of 10 % of the population of the island abstinence.

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