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Philippines and Around Manila – Experience Tourist Attractions

 Is the city on the shore of Manila Bay has a history of the half Millennium, Manila became exciting attractions with historic district in Manila, where high walls Intramurous, the Church and the Museum of San Agustin, was designated by Unesco as a world heritage site with a collection of religious artifacts and art quite unique. 

( Asia travel blog ) Around Manila has countless museums, historical sites and beautiful art work, meets between classic and modern. Cultural Center, Manila. Also save ancient traces, Bohol is also known for various historical and cultural landmarks and festivities.

May is the month Merry Month with festivals and series of exciting activities in this beautiful island. This is also where the diverse ecosystems, where visitors can climb, explore the Woods and camping, experience adventures with wild animals.

Boracay is popular in the Philippines is surrounded by many nearby beaches with many options available for visitors from the budget motels to luxury resorts.

Boracay was also chosen as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches with the blue waters and sandy beaches finely-perfect place to expose yourself in the sand or taking the active sports such as swimming, scuba diving, cano, paragliding.

The Boracay. To the southern Philippines, Cebu is an attractive travel destination by the blend of historical relics, untouched nature and the modern city; where is the icon of Magellan’s Cross-symbolizes the arrival of Catholicism in the Philippines.

Besides, the attractive location of Cebu can tell it is the Case Corordo, the residence of Juan Dorordo-the Philippines as Bishop in Cebu, University of San Carlos-the first University to retain many ancient artifacts or the Museum Museo Sugbo surrounded by coral rock walls also the interesting sights.

Magellan’s Cross-Where to mark the Explorer Magellan planted the cross first. A tourist can’t help mentioning that Palawan is famous around the world by the same small flat white sand island he stinks.

The tours are designed logically take guests to visit the many beautiful islands, enjoy the beauty of nature and engage in activities in the sea.

In addition, you can visit the underground river is located in Puerto Princesa National Park is recognized as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, a special imprint of tourism Philippines Puerto Princesa subterranean River. The Philippines, you will enjoy the typical of this island nation’s culinary as Adobo (pork and vinegar store), sigigang (sour soup), sechon (heo quay) with many dishes prepared with abundant seafood resources.

Guests who love shopping will be spoilt for choice the favorite in the third largest shopping centre in the world SM Mall of Asia, the Trade Center or the markets filled with items and many local souvenirs.

In the evenings you can enjoy the vibrant performance of the Filipino band which proved to be international friends love.

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