Vietnam Cultural and Sightseeing Tour

Vietnam has thrived since its reunification and is growing steadily, slowly finding its feet over the last 30 years after a turbulent period in the country’s history. Relics of the country’s War of Independence with former occupying nation France and the USA can be found throughout the country in various museums and monuments.


A country of farmers, Vietnam has been a predominantly agricultural society throughout history, with locals living a simple life that holds fascination for many Westerners today. Although the country is growing in various other industries and is ahead of neighbours Laos and Cambodia, outside the major cities Vietnam still operates in a fascinating old-world bubble of unchanged culture and charm.

Vietnam is an outstanding travel destination that offers a veritable bounty of delights and fascinating sites combined with a unique history the resilient country wears proudly on its sleeve.

The easternmost country in Southeast Asia, Vietnam wraps itself around the continent and offers a scenic 3,260km stretch of idyllic coastline complete with quaint fishing villages and decadent beach towns. Inland, the Vietnamese countryside is made up of lush, green forests that line the hilly areas of the Indochina Peninsula intersected by the magical Mekong River, a source of life to countless communities and riverside villages.

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